Duck Hunt at Port O’Connor, TX

Recently I had a chance to go duck hunting, thanks to my long time friend and dentist Keith Broome (an amazingly kind, faithful, and talented guy).  It’s been at least 35-40 years since I’ve hunted, and this was my first time duck hunting.  It brought back lots of childhood memories of my dad taking me rabbit hunting.  Those were very special times.  Reflecting back know, it strikes me that these were special trips because daddy was sharing with me something he loved and was good at.  Whether a cold holiday morning, or a Thursday afternoon after school (Thursday’s were his day off), we would ride in his old Ford Falcon with the beagles in tow to the countryside.  We would sometimes listen to them chase rabbits for hours.  Somehow, magically, he would always know where to position me so that a rabbit would come wondering close by, hundreds of yards ahead of the beagles.  To this day I can fondly remember the smells of the dogs, the sage brush, and those heavy cotton canvas hunting jackets.  And especially the camaraderie with daddy and one or two of his best friends on occasion (J.B. Brown, Mann Nutt, Freddie Roth, …).  We would ride together, listen to their stories, hunt, and stop at a country store for freshly cut cheese and/or bologna on crackers after a long morning hunt.

This duck hunt took me directly back to those great times.  Eight guys, most of whom I had never met, quickly bonded and enjoyed the commonalities of hunting, family, children and grandchildren, and mostly small town backgrounds.   And Keith was ever my mentor … taking me clay shooting weeks in advance to teach me the art of shooting birds, then showing me the “ropes” in the blinds at Port O’Connor.

Each morning we would launch with Pickle our hunting guide before daylight.  He would take us on a 20-30 minute boat ride to the shooting blind.  It was beyond dark, yet he seemed to know where to go in spite of the darkness and few markers.  Experience and faith, two unbeatable combinations.  He understood these back waters and this part of the Gulf of Mexico like the back of his hand.  It was a huge vastness of water and reeded areas.  Invigorating, beautiful, and overwhelming, all at the same time.  This part of the trip reminded me just how small I am in God’s scheme, yet He cares for me as if I’m most important.  I reminisced often of one of my favorite songs:

Oceans (Hillsong United)
You called me out upon the waters,
The great unknown
where feet may fail,
And there I find you in the mystery,
In oceans deep,
My faith will stand.

So I will call upon your name,
And keep my eyes above the waves
when oceans rise,
And so I’ll rest in your embrace,
For I am yours,
And you are mine.

Morning One Splendor

Morning One Splendor

David - Locked and Loaded

David – Locked and Loaded

Dr. Keith, David, and Shawn

Dr. Keith, David, and Shawn


The Prize


Sun Rising On Decoys

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  • Carl Gandolfo says:

    This is great!! What an awesome experience!! While you were reliving old childhood memories, you were forging new ones as well. You fit the Duck Dynasty mold with your camo garb and beard!! Fun!!!

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