A picture is worth ….   Everyone knows how to complete this sentence.  It is often cliche, but oh so true.

The forests of Oregon, and in this case the Columbia River Gorge area, are lush beyond belief.  I hope this image does justice to this fact.  And if so, just imagine what it must be like in the spring after the rainy season, the winter’s snow, and the amazing amount of runoff from the mountain streams.  This particular image was captured during the driest part of the year.  The area was incredibly dusty in general. not to mention the trails and ground being as hard as boulders,  But take note of the incredible heartiness of the ferns and greenery in this driest of dry seasons!

I captured this image along Trail 400 between Ainsworth Campground and Ponytail Falls. Carl and I had spent the day trekking about 5 miles of trails and shooting along the way.

“The clearest way to the Universe is through a forest wilderness” ~ John Muir

Ferns along Tr. 400 – Columbia River Gorge, OR


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