Winter’s Wardrobe

Winter Forest

Winter Forest

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Uncle Bob

Family Christmas tradition includes spending 3-4 days between Christmas and New Years in Tennessee visiting my brother’s family – Mike, Dorine, and Eddie.  We do a lot of “nothing” and enjoy every minute.  And each year’s trip would not be complete without seeing our Uncle Bob, now 88.  This year he schooled all of us at the pool table.

Game Face - Uncle Bob

Game Face – Uncle Bob

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Columbia, TN - Old Store Front #1

Columbia, TN – Old Store Front #1

Columbia, TN - Old Store Front #2

Columbia, TN – Old Store Front #2

Skyline – Another Take

I’ve been wanting to revisit post processing of this image which was previously posted in B&W (with I still love), mainly as a personal challenge.  This ATL skyline vantage point  is “worn out”, but at the same time, it is a classic view.  The color temperature of the sodium vapor lights on the foreground highway have an overpowering yellow cast that is often difficult to edit work with to render a final, pleasing result.  Hopefully I have done justice for the skyline under siege of fog.

Blue Ceiling

Blue Ceiling

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Cabbagetown in Late Autumn

Cabbagetown Art

Trois Artistes

Rainy Day at the Museum

High Museum of Art

Forest or Trees?

Forest or Trees?



Big Drops

Thought Bubbles

Window View

Window View

Self Portrait

Krog Street Tunnel - Self Portrait

Krog Street Tunnel – Self Portrait

ATL in B&W

Thanksgiving weekend is almost over, and it was excellent.  Close friends and family enjoyed a delicious meal and Thanksgiving Day visit, including a special visit from my best bud Carl (thanks for being here, bro!).  We all had lots of great food through the weekend, took in a movie, hiked and enjoyed time outdoors … this (and more) makes Thanksgiving my favorite holiday.  Carl and I capped his final day with a trek into the city for shooting and exploring.  This quintessential vantage point of Atlanta is probably overdone, but it never really gets old to me.  And on this particular evening, a low, hovering cloud layer from the prior evening’s rain made for a mostly “blah” shoot.  However, it lent a certain timely mood to the chilly start of the winter holidays.

Foggy Ceiling - ATL

Foggy Ceiling – ATL


God, you are my God.
I celebrate you. I praise you.
You’ve done your share of miracle-wonders,
well-thought-out plans, solid and sure.
~ Isaiah 25:1
The privilege of worship each Sunday resets, refocuses, and reminds me of Isaiah’s declaration.  Each busy week is a blurred continuum of countless blessings and anxieties … the former because of God’s unending love, and the latter due to our flawed nature and culture’s misguided priorities.  Re-centering on Him each Sunday breathes new beginnings, new hope, and grateful celebration.
12Stone Worship

12Stone Worship

12Stone Worship

12Stone Worship

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Town Square – Lawrenceville, GA

Gwinnett Historic Courthouse

Gwinnett Historic Courthouse

Round Pegs in Square Hole - Gwinnett Historic Courthouse

Round Pegs in Square Holes – Gwinnett Historic Courthouse

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Art in Progress

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”  ~Scott Adams

This small vignette immediately caught my eye for so many reasons:  1) I love rustic spaces with a connection to the past.  2) Soft, natural, sunlit backlighting from the old window panes provides warmth and dimension.  3) Artists invest enormous amounts of time in their craft, and this scene epitomizes and illustrates this.  4) And last but not least, the “orderly chaos” intrigues my curiosity … so many things draw attention to my eye, including wondering what gems lie within the layers and stacks that are only partially visible.

The Factory - Franklin, TN

The Factory – Franklin, TN

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Another from the sunflower farm ….



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