Red Skies at Night

Never having been to the northwest, much less its coast, one of the things that confounded me is how a bank of clouds and fog could move in and hover for hours on end.  My limited beach time has been spent on the Atlantic or Gulf.  Not only is fog out of character, but clouds roll in and out like an assembly line or conveyor belt.  Not so on our visit to Oregon.  Carl and I spent literally all afternoon (from lunch on) parked here hoping for beautiful light.  There was no drama for hours and hours, then a thin layer of clouds appeared on the horizon as if a magenta filter had been placed in front of the sun.  And it sat and sat and sat until sunset, probably lasting an hour and a half.  The other phenomenon I noticed and that you’ll pickup in this image is how the light and color varied across the sky.  Weather, fog and clouds pushing westward from the east attempted to clear the sky and bring “normal” light, while the magenta glow over the sea gave a colorful light show.

View of Cannon Beach, OR from Ecola Park


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