Watchful Eye

I am a great admirer of street photography, but I have never considered myself very good at it.  Street photography requires a completely different approach and artistic eye than that of a more thought out, carefully composed landscape image.  One must be able to react quickly to capture the right moment or expression, or to […]

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London Eye

This trip to London provided my first opportunity to grab a few daytime photos of the London Eye.  The main purpose of the first image is to show it’s scale next to the 6-story County Hall.  The Eye is a massive structure. From the London Eye website: Since opening in March 2000 the EDF Energy […]

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Big Ben

I returned yesterday from an October business trip to London.  True to form, I could not resist taking a small(ish) camera kit.  Given it was a short trip – depart Monday, return Friday – I was tempted to leave the gear behind.  The extra bag and weight are terribly inconvenient at times, but I knew […]

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Sushi Bar @ Selfridges, London

A couple of business colleagues and I visited Selfridges Department Store on Oxford Street one evening.  What a treat!  This is a HUGE upscale store with everything from candy to couture.  We entered the store at the food store entrance, which included a couple of restaurants as well as a small market with a butcher, […]

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Red Brick Mansion

There was a wonderful 2 blocks full of red town homes on my morning London walk from the hotel to our office.  They were quaint with clean lines.  Very eye-catching, with a wonderful sense of continuity because they were all virtual carbon copies of each other. I was in somewhat of a rush on the […]

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Icons Remain

I was amazed while visiting London that phone booths were relatively easy to find.  Given almost everyone has mobile phones these days, it’s hard to imagine any significant demand for pay phones. I was happy to find these two.  A friend from my office gave me strict orders to get a photo of a red […]

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Paddington Station

I’ve always thought the European trains and train stations are way cool.  They are a great way to commute, and some of the stations have SO much character. I took the London Heathrow Express from Paddington Station to Heathrow airport on my return.  A work colleague and I were in a minor rush, so I […]

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London Eye

Recently I had an opportunity to travel to London on business.  It has been several years since I last traveled to the U.K., so it was good to get back.  London is an exciting and vibrant city, full of pedestrians and “buzz”.  I always try to travel with my camera while on business should the […]

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