The Mundane

Project 365 – Day 71 I am using this project, in part, as a challenge to capture everyday things in a way that is interesting or that sparks a different perspective.  As photographers, we are often boxed into a desire to capture “iconic” moments or subjects.  We are inspired by, and therefore want to replicate, […]

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Old School?

Project 365 – Day 41 I consider myself open to technology and its rapid change.  I’m not a techno-geek by any stretch, but I readily embrace new technologies that bring efficiencies and new capabilities.  Smart phones are just one example, and in my personal case, the iPhone 6 Plus is an amazing device. However, one […]

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Friday Lunch

Project 365 – Day 37 I have mentioned in a prior post the organization in which I work being very much like a “start -up”.  We are <100 employees with a common purpose covering all aspects of a cloud-based business – sales, marketing, operations, IT, R&D, product management, customer care, business development, and finance.  We […]

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