Afternoon Shadows in Autumn

Beautiful dappled light and shadows aside, this upright tree stood out in contrast to his bent and leaning peers.

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Autumn Passageways

Thanks go to my best bud Carl for inviting me on an excellent camping expedition in Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  The park was abuzz, and God’s color palette was on full display during this 4th weekend of October!  One can never tire of Cades Cove.

Winter Surprise

Meteorologists were forecasting a tiny bit of snow, but surprisingly it turned into 3″-4″ of beautiful winter wonder.  Significant, but short lived (which bodes best for us in the south!).  I couldn’t resist getting out for a quiet walk in the woods at the nearby park.  Textures, forms, and shapes abound with several inches of snow layered on […]

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The Little Kitchen That Could

I shared a photo and post in November, 2017 about a beautiful experience Kathy and I literally stumbled into.  You can read the original post here. Fast forward a year and 3 months … I received a note (posted below) from Tom Hare, the passionate owner and artist of this fantastic work-of-art cabin.  His note completely made […]

Winter’s Wardrobe

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Another from the sunflower farm ….

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A Burst of Sunshine

There’s always one in the crowd who attracts more attention.  🙂 Photographed at a sunflower farm in rural Dawsonville, GA.   Photos do not do these beauties justice! Thanks, CarlG, for a great trip to the sunflower patch!

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Mountain Breeze

Some love the beach, but I’ll take a cool mountain breeze any day if given a choice between the two.  The Smokies and Blue Ridge Mountains are smothered with ferns in the summer.  Mild breezes sometime make it difficult to photograph them under the dark forest canopy.  Relatively high shutter speeds are needed to avoid […]

Fog Ahead

Captured at Rough Ridge, a popular trail that leads to lovely sunset points of view near mile marker 305 on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Hovering fog killed my sunrise plans for a nearby location, but I remembered crossing this bridge on a prior afternoon’s hike with Kathy.  Fog has it’s place; up ahead on this valley trail at first […]


As old as this rock outcrop must be, imagine the number of “fresh starts” it has seen.  Each day can represent a fresh start if we allow the sun to peek over the hill and shine on our face; a new beginning with no judgement about yesterday or worries for tomorrow. God places the new day there for us to behold and […]

Epic Craggy

This was photographed at Craggy Pinnacle on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It was an epic sunset in every sense of the work … phenomenal skies, and directly behind me all the way to the 9 o’clock position was a bank of fog that God politely held back to allow this view. His artistry never disappoints!

Smoky Skies

The epitome of the Smokies and the Blue Ridge Mountains – hazy mountain tops and blah skies.  This region definitely has it’s spectacular sunsets, for sure, but more often than not the volatile summer weather patterns and valleys yield a foggy mess for us photogs. While curating and editing pictures from this trip, my inclination […]

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