Project 365 – Day 89 Cycling and hiking are two of my favorite workouts of choice, so I was excited to come across this cycling group today.  This image is very deceiving.  Though not apparent, these gents were clipping along around 18-20 mph.  Capturing critical focus and freezing motion was not easy in back-lit conditions.  […]

Signs of Spring

Project 365 – Day 88 Today was a beautiful day.  There was a chill in the air from a cold front, but the blue skies and blooming flowers reminded me that spring is almost here to stick around. We have a beautiful park, amphitheater, and store front area by the city hall.  This afternoon I […]

Looming Shadows

Project 365 – Day 87 “Fear has a large shadow, but he himself is small.” ~ Ruth Gendler Fuji X100s, 23mm f/2.0, 1/125 sec @ f/4.0, ISO2000

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Early Spring, Late Afternoon

Project 365 – Day 86 Though the grass and leaves are not green yet, blooming trees like Bradford Pears and Red Buds are in full splendor.  Spring is finally making an appearance! X100s, 23mm f/2.0, 1/550 sec @ f/8.0, ISO800

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Student Art

Project 365 – Day 85 Tonight I covered a high school art show for my friend Glenn.  It’s a very well organized event.  I was amazed at the broad range of talent from this group.  The event also included performing arts, mainly dance and music.  The musical talent, especially pianists, was also very impressive.  Today’s […]

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Project 365 – Day 84 Rough day … but I find incredible comfort and wisdom from this:

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My Baby

Project 365 – Day 83 OK, so maybe I’ve been overdoing the sunburst thing lately.  This time of year, much the same as autumn, brings beautiful sunsets on a near pollution free horizon.  The skies and long sunsets have a clarity that is hidden by clouds in the winter and haze in the summer. Crisp […]

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After Hours Window Shopping

Project 365 – Day 82 Fuji X100s, 23mm f/2.0, 1/80 sec @ f/2.8, ISO3200 Fuji X100s, 23mm f/2.0, 1/40 sec @ f/2.8, ISO3200

The Power of a Meal Together

Project 365 – Day 81 There are many studies that point to the benefits of having family meals together regularly.  Among other things, they provide a sense of unity.  Its a means of instilling common values across generations.  They provide a place for strengthening relationships through communication, as well as enjoying each others company in […]

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This Girl Loves Her Blueberries

Project 365 – Day 80 Fuji X100s, 23mm f/2.0, 1/70 sec @ f/4.0, ISO3200

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Spring Awakening – Front Row Seat

Project 365 – Day 79 Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn. ~ Quoted by Lewis Grizzard in Kathy Sue Loudermilk, I Love You Fuji X100s, 23mm f/2.0, 1/100 sec @ f/8.0, ISO1250

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After 5

Project 365 – Day 78 Work hard, play hard. / All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  / The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.  (Arnold J. Toynbee) Tonight was an evening of fun and relaxation with work friends.  Special thanks go to Carol for hosting us!  […]

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