2 More from Big Cypress

One day I hope to get my timing right and land a few real thunderhead “winners” from the Everglades like Clyde Butcher.  But, we do not have the luxury of controlling mother nature.  Clouds were ever changing and impressive while Carl and I were there in August.  We made the most of what was given us, […]

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B&W – From Pier to Swamp

Another of Venice Pier; this one earlier in the morning, and I was lucky to capture a lightning strike in the distance.  Later in the day we ventured to the Everglades to catch a few thunderheads.  It is amazing how quickly the weather shifts and changes on hot south Florida days in the swamp!

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Pier One (and Two) – Venice, FL

My best bud Carl and I took a getaway trip to south FL prior to his recent surgery.  For us, there’s nothing like the “therapy” of shooting and chilling.  He introduced me to the pier in Venice, which is a beautiful structure, and it’s a serene one at daybreak.  I love piers like this.  They […]

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