NYC Transportation (cont. in B&W)

A few more …

NYC Transportation

The diversity of trains, train stations, and the labyrinth of their networks could be a body of work unto itself!

Out of the Shadows – NYC Williamsburg Bridge

Honoring World Trade

Words cannot describe a visit of this sacred ground, it’s gravity, nor the power of the memorials built to remind us.

Manhattan Skyline During the Golden Hours

NYC Top of the Rock

On a recent trip to “the city” with the best of friends and my son-in-law Evan, we checked out the view from the top of Rockefeller Center.   I had never been on the “top of the Rock” before, so this was a real treat.   There are several observation levels, but the very top […]

Atlanta Botanical

Fun, crowded day visiting the botanical gardens with my best friend!  Love you, honey.

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Cotswolds – English Gardens and Such

From a recent trip ….

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