Against the Odds

Let’s go over a few facts about Yellowstone winters:

  • Snowfall – Avg. 150 inches, 400 inches in higher elevations
  • Temps – Avg. Highs around 20F, Avg. Lows approx. 5-10F (sub-zero not uncommon)
  • Coldest recorded day – -60F
  • From 1995-2005, Yellowstone was the coldest place in the USA 337 days (10% of the time)

For those of you who live in cold climates, this may not seem all that bad.  But the temperatures and snow, mixed with winds and unpredictable extremes on any given day, make for a long, brutal winter.  Bear in mind that the park is subject to extreme winter conditions anytime between October and May.  I am amazed at how wildlife survive such a long, threatening season with little food.

Somehow, against the odds, spring awakes from a long, stifling slumber year after year!  This scene of grass sprouting eternal through snow after an extended winter’s nap brought to mind a couple of thoughts.  Perseverance and patience are almost always the victors.  There is a sprig of youthful energy and hope in almost every gloomy day … if we open our eyes to look for it!

No Winter Lives Forever, No Spring Skips Its Turn ~ Hal Borland

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One Response to “Against the Odds”

  • Carl Gandolfo says:

    It was definitely a very memorable trip back to the Tetons from North Yellowstone!! It was Thursday, June 17th and we were experiencing a late spring/early summer snow shower. Coming from Florida, where June temps were already eclipsing 90 degrees, it was a refreshing end to our two weeks in the park.

    I remember hopping from the car, grabbing the gear and running before the sun had a chance to break free of the clouds and melt all of that nice snow. It was another fantastic experience, for sure!!

    Nice image! It captures the feeling and mood of the morning.

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