2 More from Big Cypress

One day I hope to get my timing right and land a few real thunderhead “winners” from the Everglades like Clyde Butcher.  But, we do not have the luxury of controlling mother nature.  Clouds were ever changing and impressive while Carl and I were there in August.  We made the most of what was given us, though shy of great light and a “wow” moment.  Here are a couple more, illustrating the brewing clouds and grassy textures.

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder

Palm in the Swamp

Palms in the Swamp

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One Response to “2 More from Big Cypress”

  • Carl Gandolfo says:

    Nicely done!! LIke you mentioned, Mother Nature does not always cooperate when you try to plan these things on your schedule and not hers!
    Nice textures in the B&W; nice greens in the color image.

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