Reclamation and Restoration

During Kathy’s and my week long venturings through western North Carolina, we stumbled into a 75-year old picker’s property.  Only in the south could one be driving through the most rural of areas taking in the autumn beauty one minute, and then a local resident invite us into his home after having only met us with 2 minutes of passer-by conversation.  Kathy and I stopped to consider photographing a stream, when Tom rolled up on a 4 wheeler to inquire what we were doing.  I said, “Just taking photos of this beautiful property and stream, assuming you are OK with it.”  His reply:  “Sure, we don’t mind that kind of thing around here.  So …… you like taking pictures?  If you’ll follow me up the dirt drive across the road, I’ve got something to take pictures of that you won’t find anywhere else.”  I needed no arm twisting!  We followed Tom up the mile and half driveway, only to stop at a shack with a tin roof.  He proceeded to tell us he had just moved into it 2 days prior after “remodeling it” (take a look at the 1st photo below, and tell me if you consider this a “remodel”).

Tom proceeded to share the history of this old 1904 homestead – originally with no insulation or running water.  Literally a shack.  He had retrofitted it with plumbing, insulated the exterior walls and rafters, ran electric, patched to roof, and made it livable.  He asked to show us the interior.  So Kathy and I obliged (with some reluctance).  Low and behold, we make our way into what felt like a dungeon entrance and the interior was amazing!!!  Not perfect, not without dust and a definite rustic feel, but amazing!  He had repurposed old flooring from a nearby abandoned school to make his wooden floors.  He took some of the remnants of rafters he replaced from this very shack and built his own amazingly beautiful dinner table.  It must’ve weighed 200 pounds!  He bought the beautiful sink from someone in CA, which had an epic story of its own.  The wood stove in the back of the kitchen was beautiful, and he used it to cook meals on as if he were living at the turn of the century.  Tom’s living room showcased an ornate wood stove, simmering with a slow burning fire that gave the home an invitingly warm,  “you’re home” feel.  I could go on and on.  He did ALL of this with his own hands, and it was literally a diamond in the rough.

Kathy and I are grateful for Tom inviting us, complete strangers, to share in his gem and allowing us to witness the outcome of his hard work and passionate vision!

Tom's Cabin

Tom’s Cabin

No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home

Retro Beauty

Retro Beauty

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