Isolation #3

Pandemic in Blue … part 2 of Saturday’s walk.


Intersection – Buford, GA

House of Blues - Buford, GA

House of Blues – Buford, GA

Blues Alley - Buford, GA

Blues Alley – Buford, GA

Room 99 - Buford, GA

Room 99 – Buford, GA

Isolation #2

Shelter in Place had me longing for a walkabout, so my son-in-law Evan met up at a local small town to stretch our legs with camera in tow.  The town is virtually shutdown for the pandemic, being made up of small business.  We honored the 6 foot rule, and we only saw a few passers-by.  Long shadows metaphorically match the long days of “quarantine” and what seems like months of it (only 4-6 weeks in reality, depending on how you count it).  It was great to get a breath of fresh air and trigger the shutter a few times.

Dappled - Buford, GA

Dappled – Buford, GA

Pandemic Days - Buford, GA

Pandemic Days – Buford, GA

Moon over Buford - Buford, GA

Moon over Buford – Buford, GA

Social Distancing - Buford, GA

Social Distancing – Buford, GA

Sitting it Out - Buford, GA

Sitting it Out – Buford, GA

Isolation #1

The Coronavirus pandemic is a global phenomenon with incredibly local implications.  It’s easy to get hyper-focused on the worldwide aspect, the hit on large metropolitan cities, and federal and state government responses.  Let us not forget the blow it is taking on the small business community; those who work their humps off daily, scraping by to fulfill a dream or a passion or hard-earned trade skill.

My parents were small business owners.  Mom owned a flower shop, and prior to that she spent a couple of decades working for a 3 generations of a family with small businesses.  Dad was a partner in a local pharmacy after having worked tens of years for a proprietor, and he always had small side businesses in play, like training hunting dogs, horse trading (literally), selling dog care products, gardening of which he gave most away, and who knows what else.  He was the ORIGINAL “gig economy” guy.  My daughter and son-in-law are each small business entrepreneurs.  So, I have a huge soft spot for small business owners.

While venturing through rural Georgia over the weekend for a breath of fresh air, I was reminded of this over and over.  This little business is a prime example … empty and barren, both the parking lot and the storefront.

By the way, this joint caught my eye for many reasons:  1) the biblical reference in the name,  2) The play on words between the business name and the petroleum brand (upright sign),  3) the stop sign was bonus commentary on the current situation, and  4) the look and feel of the 70’s, back in mom’s and dad’s small business heyday.

I’m praying this all ends soon for the sake of SMB owners and workers stressing over how long they can make ends meet!

Psalm 91:14-16  “Because he loves me,” says the LORD, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.  He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation.”

3:16 #1

3:16 #1

3:16 #2

3:16 #2

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Sun on the Horizon

From the Naples Botanical Gardens.  This segment of a wall of ceramic tiles is a lovely metaphor for the sunny, warm days Kathy and I spent visiting family.  Design is everything!



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High Key

On a recent visit to see my middle brother and my sister-in-law, Kathy and I enjoyed not only the family time, but also lots of sunlight.  Our winter has been extraordinarily gray and wet in Georgia, so this timely dose of sunshine energized us.  They had recently finished a major remodel.  It shows off Larry’s incredible flair for design simplicity and architectural beauty.  I couldn’t resist capturing it and the complimentary flood of sunshine in all their glory.

High Key - Spacious Living

High Key

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Winter Surprise

Meteorologists were forecasting a tiny bit of snow, but surprisingly it turned into 3″-4″ of beautiful winter wonder.  Significant, but short lived (which bodes best for us in the south!).  I couldn’t resist getting out for a quiet walk in the woods at the nearby park.  Textures, forms, and shapes abound with several inches of snow layered on top, not to mention lots of contrast begging for a B&W treatment.

The Fallen

The Fallen

Wooded Winter Wonderland

Wooded Winter Wonderland

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coda Midtown

I’ve photographed and posted this location multiple times, but it continues to draw me back time and again.  The architectural lines are incredible, but also, east/west walkthrough and structure of the buildings creates so many different lighting situations, depending on time of day and year.  This was taken on a sunny mid-day.

Passers By

Passers By

Marriott Marquis – Atlanta

A revisit to an old friend.  This is such a fun place to photograph, and this time around, it was even better because I was able to share the experience with my friend Carl.  Thanks for visiting, bud!

On Top - Marriott Marquis, Atlanta

On Top – Marriott Marquis, Atlanta

Encapsulated - Marriott Marquis, Atlanta

Encapsulated – Marriott Marquis, Atlanta

Curvaceous - Marriott Marquis, Atlanta

Curvaceous – Marriott Marquis, Atlanta

Walkway - Marriott Marquis, Atlanta

Walkway – Marriott Marquis, Atlanta

Passages - Marriott Marquis, Atlanta

Passages – Marriott Marquis, Atlanta

The Man, The Myth, The Legend ….

Photographer, book publisher, banker, explorer of light … and best friend, Carl Gandolfo.

Man, Myth, Legend ... FRIEND

Man, Myth, Legend … FRIEND

The Corner

Abstract images have always caught my attention, maybe because they evoke a question of mystery and what lies within.  On a recent walk to my bus stop after work, I came to this familiar corner with an awesome restaurant space with patio.  The restaurant recently closed, unfortunately.  I peered inside one of the windows, and while doing so, noticed the photo possibilities presented through its reflections.  I tried several concepts and watched carefully for placement of pedestrians, and this one with the close-up gentleman (among other elements) became my favorite.



Skies Clearing at Dusk

After a gray, dreary day, clouds broke at dusk to reveal a calmingly colorful sky.

Clearing Sky @ Dusk - Columbia, TN

Clearing Sky @ Dusk – Columbia, TN

Small Town Daybreak

In addition to time with family, it was great getting out and about during our Columbia, TN holiday visit.  I love small towns like Columbia because of their unique charm and slower pace of life.  Things are especially quiet just after sunrise.

Bleu 32 - Columbia, TN

Bleu 32 – Columbia, TN

Morning Crosswalk - Columbia, TN

Morning Crosswalk on the Square – Columbia, TN

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